Is your coop WINTER ready?

Is your coop WINTER ready?
We have a compiled a checklist to help you do the right thing for your flock this winter and make sure that your coop is ready for the season.

Winter can be wonderful with its sparkle and festivities but for a lot of the time, it’s cold, wet and windy….yuk! Before temperatures plummet, do the right thing for your flock and check that their set up is Winter ready.

Coops SHOULD be dry!

Chickens do not want to sit in a damp, leaky coop. If you spot damp patches when you change the bedding, assume you have a problem. If you can’t fix yours, it might be time for an upgrade.

Coops SHOULD be draught FREE!

Chickens spend the longest time in their coops during winter due to failing light. Check your coop for holes or splits that could cause an uncomfortable and potentially life threatening draughts.

Coops SHOULD be ventilated!

It’s tempting to throw so much insulation at a coop that you reduce the ventilation. Chickens breathe out moist air that needs to be vented out of the coop to prevent respiratory illnesses. 


Coops SHOULD be unheated!

Chickens produce lots of their own heat, especially after high calorie afternoon meals. They also have layers of down and feathers to keep snug. Heat lamps pose a huge fire risk too.

Coops SHOULD be the right size!

All birds snuggle together for warmth and chickens are no different. It’s much easier to heat a small cozy space than a big, lofty one, so make sure your coop suits the number of birds you have.


Coops SHOULD be solid!

Strong wind can flip coops easily so make sure yours won’t get blown over. Check that yours will stand up to predators of all sizes. Rodents and large mammals are all hungry and looking for an easy snack.

Coops COULD be automatic!

Did you know that you DON’T have to get up to let your chickens out or brave the elements to lock them safely away? Thankfully AUTOMATIC opener/closer units are available and can be life changing!

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This article has been written by Libby, Nestera’s Head of Animal Welfare

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