What Do The Professionals Say About Nestera?

What Do The Professionals Say About Nestera?
We feel eggstremely proud to be trusted by some of the UK's best poultry breeders to provide secure, sustainable, easy to clean, red mite-resistant coops for their flocks.

We feel eggstremely proud to be trusted by some of the UK's highest-rated poultry breeders to provide secure, sustainable, easy to clean, red mite resistant coops for their flocks. Here's what some of them have to say:

“We love the Nestera coops, not only for our customers but also for Feather & Egg. The design makes keeping hens simple; the removable roof/back and nest box combo makes cleaning out so quick and easy.

You can say goodbye to red mite!

These are sturdy, well-made British coops that stand the test of time. All whilst being sustainable by being made from recycled plastic. Our chickens, ducks and geese have all settled in incredibly well to these coops and seem to thoroughly approve.”

Sabina Richardson
Feather & Egg

Sabina is a professional breeder of over 50 pure and rare breed chickens, ducks and geese. Find out more at Feather & Egg.

"These coops suit us as they’re soooo easy! We offer a busy hen boarding service, so the Nestera coops fit in well, quick turnaround of one group out, a speed clean and new hen guests in!

Often, after henkeepers see how happily their hens adapt to these smart, clean Nestera coops, they often become their replacement coop of choice.

Easy and quick to clean and wipe dry; easy to move and, so important, easy to keep red mite free - prevention so much easier than cure on these pests.

Increasingly, our customers appreciate the eco credentials of the recycled plastic, and that these coops are designed and made in Britain; avoiding long delivery chain hiccups and delays - prompt delivery once the decision is made!

We love Nestera’s sturdy coops, especially the Raised Large Coop. The straightforward sizing up also appeals, with a very small jump up as you move Small to Medium to Large -very affordable. It’s not only good for henkeepers; the hens love their coops too - shade, shelter, good ventilation and fine for all seasons.

Customers always worry if hens will be cosy enough in the Scottish winter. Nestera coops come through with flying colours, with hens emerging to scratch in frost and snow, no problem.

The auto door option is very popular! If the henkeeper is off to work early on a dark Scottish morning, the knowledge that the hens will be let out later - and if you get back after dark, they are cosily shut in – is reassuring. The henkeeper on return just needs to check feed, water and collect the eggs from easy access nest boxes. It also helps in high summer, with easy time adjusting on the menu, when your hens are enjoying being out and about scratching for a last worm before bedtime at 11pm (and you don’t want to stay up that late yourself!)

Finally, Nestera coops are fuss-free, planet friendly and look great!"

Jocelyn Scott
Hens Made Easy

Find out more about Jocelyn's professional hen boarding service at Hens Made Easy.

"Being a breeder of bantam chickens, keeping many birds in separate pens, it is vital for me to have coops that are long lasting, easy to clean and that my birds are happy to roost and lay in.

Nestera coops have made a fantastic product from recycled plastic, meaning I will get years of use from it, not having to deal with rot or other forms of degradation. The coops are substantial and not at all flimsy, yet light enough for two people to move with the helpful carry handles built into the removable roof. The coops have withstood the worst of the British weather including the UK’s worst storm in years and keep my birds safe and dry.

Cleanliness is vital to me, for the long-term health of my birds, so I remove droppings from the coops on a daily basis. The back of the coops come off easily by simply removing two quick release pins which gives me great access to the whole of the coop for cleaning. Additionally, being made of plastic means that even on a miserable wet day, I can clean out, poultry shield and disinfect the coop and it dries extremely quickly.

It provides very few places for red mite or other bugs to hide, and as a result I am yet to have any infestations in my Nestera coops.

The coops are raised off the ground, helping protect the birds and coop from vermin and additionally providing some shelter underneath for the birds. The coops come predrilled to enable you to fit an auto door opener, something I could not manage without with the number of coops I have!

All in all, a fantastic product which I consider great value for money… you won’t be having to replace it!

Looking after chickens should be an enjoyable experience and having a product which makes your life so much easier and keeps your birds happy and safe makes it a winner for me."

Katie Thomas
The Clucking Palace

Katie is a professional breeder of Pekin and Sablepoot Bantams. Discover more about them at The Clucking Palace.

There we have it - our coops are used and loved by some of the best poultry breeders in the country! Discover for yourself why Nestera is the no.1 choice for the planet and your flock. Check out our coops here.

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